Fantasy Taplow League Rules (2006)


Selection Rules

As a Fantasy Taplow League manager, you are given £10,000 to put together a squad of up to fifteen players. Each player is valued on the basis of his Fantasy Taplow League performance over the last two seasons.

You may choose any group of players so long as their sum value does not exceed your budget of £10,000. You can choose less than fifteen players if you wish but you must select at least eleven - after all, they're going to form a cricket team not a netball team!

Each week, the points will be calculated for each player and your top eleven scoring players will contribute to your overall team score.

A player who does not play at all during a week will be ignored (ie. his score will not be assumed to be 0 and will hence not beat a negative score possibly recorded by one of your other players).

Your team selection is permanent

During the season you MAY NOT transfer any of your players so if one of your team members gets injured, gets married or joins North Maidenhead, I'm afraid it's up to you to nurse him back to fitness or bring him back to his senses - you can't drop him!! Equally, any new players that join the club during the season may only be included if you enter a completely new team.

Joker Weeks

Each manager has a Joker to play. This option is available twice per season and must be played before the Saturday of the week. The result of playing a Joker is to double all points received in that week. A Joker week chart will be put up on the board which you can use to play your Jokers. Note, the tour week IS available as a Joker week.

Entrance Fee

The managers season begins on Saturday, 27th May 2006 and continues until the week ending Friday, 15th September. A SEASON SUBSCRIPTION will cost £6. Additional teams for any individual may be entered at a reduced rate of £4 each.

Manager of the Year

The winner is the manager of the top points scoring team during the 16 weeks from Saturday, 27th May 2006 to Friday, 15th September 2006.

How to enter

Fill in your personal details then select your players from the players list. If a player you want to select is not on the list, ask for a valuation of your secret superstar - not having played for Taplow last year is no bar from being chosen in a manager's team!
Once you have made your choices and checked that your team is within budget give your Entrance Fee and Team Sheet to My Fantasy Taplow League Teamwebsiteadminwebsiteadmin

Fantasy Taplow League Points System


Players will receive points based on the rules listed below. A player playing more than once in a week will only see his highest match score in that week contribute to his Fantasy Taplow League total (weeks run from Saturday to the following Friday). Limited over matches, such as evening matches, will not be included.

No changes have been made to last year's rules.


** applies only to recognised batmen
Duck -2
Between 1 and 9 Runs -1  **
Each complete 10 Runs +1 (no limit)
Each Complete Fifty Runs Bonus +5


Every 30 runs conceded -1
Each wicket + 2
Four wickets Bonus +5
Each wicket after fourth Further Bonus +1
Hat-trick Bonus +5
Eight wickets Further Bonus +5


Each catch +1
Each catch after second Further Bonus +1
Each stumping +2
Each stumping after second Further Bonus +2


For playing +1
Member of winning team +1
Playing in mid-week game Further Bonus +1