Saturday & Sunday

The season again suffered at the hands of the weather which seemed to be the worst in anyone's memory. However, our playing record for this season improved considerably from the low ebb it reached in 1967. This improvement was due to a large extent to the greater interest and support given by the players.

We let one or two matches slip away that should have been won notably those against Braywood (twice) and Brentham 2nd XI but we only lost three games badly. However, to set against these defeats we had two victories one at Hurst and the other at Datchet where all seemed lost at one time.

The batting this year was a great improvement on last year and most of the regular batsmen had good innings during the season. The return of Mick Aston to the Club who had a very successful season with the bat, the steadiness of newcomer Jeff Elder and the emergence of David Goodrham as a batsman all helped to bring greater stability to the batting. David Goodrham's match winning innings at Hurst and David Hawes's late season burst of two sixties were perhaps the brightest innings of the season, although of course there were many more less glamorous but vital innings played.

The bowling, what more can be said than that, a rejuvenated David Wigmore seemed to be bowling at the top end all summer and achieved the much sought after milestone of 100 wickets. Don Booker again bowled extremely well and a number of others gave David Wigmore good support. David Thornley had the remarkable figures of 9-12 at Seer Green where it must be said the opposition was not very strong but this return gives hope that he will develop into a good opening bowler.

The fielding although an improvement on the previous year, still lacked any bite or attack especially when under pressure and it is hoped that players will make even greater efforts next season.

Our thanks go out to David Wigmore again for all the work he does behind the scenes to make the captains' job so much easier. Ted Woodley has done sterling work throughout the season as umpire. The lack of a scorer has been a handicap, although we must thank Bert Newton for stepping in whilst he is playing. However, this situation is by no means ideal and anyone who can find us a scorer will get our grateful thanks.

Our grateful thanks to the ladies who have spent their time doing lunches and teas. These tiring jobs have fallen on even fewer shoulders this season, and it is difficult to thank them enough.

John Partington and Simon Christy
First XI Captains