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Having already lodged my complaint regarding lack of availability, I can only say that the Saturday first XI played some good cricket notably against Old Merchant Taylors (twice), Chalfont St. Giles, Kew and Egham. Not such good times were had against Fleet or Hurst and although we eventually won at Old Gaytonians this was left to one of our more mature members together with the youngest player to get us out of trouble.

Our most outstanding batman was Gerry Mills, who struck up a fine opening partnership with Gordon Adams both making some very good innings. The middle order failed in the main and it is here that we must look to improve matters next season.

As you can see from the figures David Thornley was the most successful bowler and he very rarely failed to make the initial breakthrough. Now he appears to have ironed out his run up he should top the 100 wickets easily next season. Ian Clements gave staunch support and probably suffered from dropped catches more than anyone. Don Booker was our main spinner again, with assistance from Gerry Mills who also took some useful catches.

Thanks are due to the few non-regulars who came into the side for the not so popular fixtures, Mike Getvoldsen comes to mind, and to Martin Sobey who had some good knocks when given the opportunity. Our fielding did not seem to improve, but I was pleased to see our youngster, Paul Charles, fielding so well in the outfield also showing promise with the bat.

Ted Woodley was unable to umpire on Saturdays but Ted Goodrham stood in on most games and helped to bring an element of excitement to an already unpredictable game.

I think we should seriously consider running a colts XI in 1971. This would benefit us in various ways, financially of course, but would also help with availability at weekends. I have in mind our school teacher members to run this side as they are in daily contact with prospective members and also have more time in the evenings to organise the actual games. These games would take place on midweek evenings from May to July so as not to interfere with the holiday period. Fixtures can be arranged at shorter notice than normal games, therefore if Bill Haley, Dick Duggan, Gerry Mills, Gordon Adams, Alban Jones and Mike GetwoIdsen get together I am sure half a dozen games at least, could be arranged.

As far as cup cricket is concerned we reached the semi-final of the Farnham Royal Cup but unfortunately met Hillingdon who were in no mood to be trifled with and we lost by 10 wickets. Add to which Gerry Mills suffered an injury which almost certainly cost him his 1000 runs.

Our dismissal from the Julian Cup by North Maidenhead came as a surprise but they have improved considerably over the last couple of years. We had a very exciting tie with them in our first game, which can only do good for the competition and cricket in general.

The Evening League which was in the hands of Gerry Mills this year, resulted in a play-off and we lost this to Coopers Sports. The less said about this game the better as far as I personally am concerned.

In finishing, I would like to thank all the players who joined me on Saturdays and cup evenings and I was agreeably surprised to find how smoothly things went with little or no bickering.

Last, but by no means least, thanks to all the tea ladies once again.

David Wigmore
Saturday First XI Captain


The season was again blessed by very good weather perhaps better even than the previous year but from a playing angle we were only an average side. We were weakened due to the absence of Mick Aston and Ken Ramsden from the previous season’s side but Gordon Adams who joined us this year was a useful newcomer. There were no outstanding results this season but we were unlucky to lose by very narrow margins to North Maidenhead, Denham, Old Actonians and Midland Bank, perhaps our best performance was the nine wicket defeat of Woodley.

The batting was highlighted by the machine like consistency of Gerry Mills and he was most unlucky not to reach the target of 1000 runs. No other batsman made such an impression but Gordon Adams, Jeff Elder, Alban Jones, John Partington and David Hawes all made useful contributions on occasions but the batting generally lacked consistent scorers in the middle order.

The bowling was headed this season by David Thornley, who did not always produce his best on Sundays due to his exertions on Saturdays and early morning fishing on Sundays. All the bowlers suffered from the excellent weather and good wickets and the averages of all bowlers were worse than the previous season. I feel sure David Wigmore would again have taken 100 wickets if he had not been captain on Saturday as over 50 of his wickets were taken in matches when he was not captain. Ian "Lampoon" Clements bowled steadily throughout the season without achieving his good figures of the previous season and Don Booker again turned in useful performances when there was some help in the wicket.

The fielding seems to get worse each season with the exception of David Wigmore. I would not like to bet on anyone taking a catch. The ground fielding also reached an all time low partly due to hard and uneven outfields, good bar profits and everyone being a year older.

I would like to thank Ted Woodley for standing as umpire on Sundays and to Simon Wigmore for scoring. Again thanks must go to the Ladies who provided us with teas, unfortunately, this chore is in too few hands.

Doug Bentley, our groundsman again produced a series of very good wickets which I am afraid most of our batsmen failed to take advantage of.

Simon Christy
Sunday First XI Captain