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WON 9, LOST 5 and 5 DRAWN is a fairly satisfactory position considering how difficult it was at times to field a settled side. There were also some key members missing for part of the season namely John Partington and Mick Aston together with the unfortunate accident of David Thornley this left one or two holes to be filled. In fact the four youngsters that came in, Chris Goodrham, Julian Pemberton, David Goodrham and later on Clive Kellett more than compensated for their absence and more important they all made themselves available for virtually the whole of the fixtures.

Our fielding let us down again on most occasions and every effort should be made to try and improve this. However provided availability is increased overall I can see no reason why the first XI should not have an even better season in 1973. The potential is certainly there and provided the youngsters can blend with the old stalwarts the results should improve.

JULIAN CUP - Won 3. Lost 1.

Another successful cup run in this competition and if our fielding would only improve we would carry the trophy off next season.


After an interesting excursion to Sunningwell we came back to Earth on a 'sticky' at Sulhampstead. For those who played in this game, a match at Ten Acres must have been a welcome respite.

David Wigmore
Saturday First XI Captain


The Sunday XI have had a quite successful season, winning 8 matches and losing only 3. These results have been achieved despite the change of captain half way through the season (and my absence on numerous occasions since then). That this uncertainty did not appear to materially offset the results is very heartening (or perhaps it demonstrates the captain’s unimportance).

The season started, amidst its usual wind and rain, with the distressing accident suffered by David Thornley, from which I am glad to see he is recovering well. This blow threw David Goodrham into the firing line as our shock bowler and, whilst he was erratic at times, he produced some good figures and was always a keen and excellent fielder and at times a tellingly belligerent batsman.

The lion’s share of the bowling fell once more upon the broad shoulders of Ian 'Dad' Clements who never seems to flag. A wide variety of bowlers shared the other end, including such unlikely characters as Gordon Adams and Henry Strachey and they all had their moments; David Wigmore's bowling against Fleet for instance.

We appear, on paper at least, to possess more batting than bowling talent, and almost everyone who played for the side had at least one innings of which he could be reasonably proud; Geoff Herbert's 41 against Finchampstead (out of 73 for 7) springs to mind. Perhaps the most pleasing aspect of our batting was the emergence of Chris Goodrham and Julian Pemberton, widely differing in style but both proving themselves to be first XI batsmen.

The victories which gave me most pleasure were those at Wokingham and Kew, whilst on the other hand I was pleased to see the rain at Finchampstead and glad I missed the game at Wycombe House.

My thanks are due to Ted Goodrham for umpiring, and the annual thanks to the ladies who prepared our excellent lunches and teas, and to Doug Bentley, for the wickets, upon which it is impossible to turn the ball, are no less sincere for their repetition.

My living some distance from the Club has resulted in much of the work of captaincy falling upon others and their help was much appreciated. Thanks also to Gerry Mills, for taking over when I was not available.

Finally I would like to thank very sincerely everyone who played for the Sunday XI for cheerfully doing all that was asked of them, this gave us the appearance of a happy team who enjoyed our cricket (and beer!). I wish you all every success next season.

Don Booker
Sunday First XI Captain