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Although as bare facts, the above results appear to be only mediocre. I feel that there was a general improvement in team spirit and that we were enjoying our cricket, even if we were not winning all the time. This does not mean to say that we should be satisfied with last season. If we can continue to improve our playing spirit then the results will improve as well. The most important factor for a good team spirit is continuing availability throughout the season, from all members. I say all members because although we may have a surfeit of bodies at the start of May, after a few weeks we are left with a dearth of people from whom to select two sides each weekend. It then falls on the Selection Committee to take decisions which may prove unpopular - with those few members who do readily make themselves available - in order that we can field two sides.

On the credit side I would like to mention Ian Clements 110 wickets coupled with his sporadic forays with the bat through the season. I would also like to thank Andy Huxley and Derek Defty for allowing themselves to be transferred from one team to another at short notice in the latter half of the summer. May I also offer encouragement to Clive Kellett and say that we look forward to seeing him have a little more luck and a lot more over next year at Taplow. Tim Isaac is also worthy of a mention and congratulations to him receiving the 'Most Improved Player' award for last season.

I would like to close with a list of 'Thank Yous' - to the ladies for their teas and patience - see you next year (we hope), to David Wigmore and his helpers for giving us such a wonderful outfield and to Doug Bentley for his continued good work on the wickets. Also to Ted Goodrham for his patience and loyalty in umpiring for the Saturday XI - and playing for us when we were short. And last but by no means least to all of you who played on Saturdays during last summer.

Good luck and see you in 1974.

David Hawes
Saturday First XI Captain


The season was not particularly memorable and many of games ended in rather tedious draws. The reason for this was due partly to the dry summer and excellent wickets and the lack of hostility in our bowling, although Ian Clements bowled steadily from one end throughout the season he needed the support of a younger colleague with real penetration. We hope that the glimpse we had of David Thornley in the last match of the season augurs well for his return to full fitness next season. The spin bowling was shouldered when available by Max Arnold who returned some good figures. The fielding was no more than average and on occasions concentration declined lamentably. Our strength lay in the batting particularly when Gerry Mills was playing and he had a magnificent season with a wonderful opening stand of 197 against Frederick Pickersgill XI with Gordon Adams. Gordon also batted consistently well throughout the season but Chris Goodrham didn't quite fulfill our expectations of his very successful season in 1972 it is to be hoped he will return to form next year. It was also good to see the return of Julian Pemberton at the end of the season.

I would like to thank all those ladies who helped and organised our much appreciated teas, and Mr Kellett for standing as umpire in most Sunday matches.

Again thanks are due to Doug Bentley for the excellent pitches he produced during 1973 despite the very dry weather.

I would like to bring to your notice the poor availability of many members throughout the season and it is dreadful to report that we played with ten men on three occasions, two of which were on our own ground. I hope that next season’s captains get a better response from members than we did last season.

Simon Christy
Sunday First XI Captain