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It would seem on the surface that 1975 was a thoroughly successful season as the team eventually won the Chilterns League Division 1 title by 9 clear points. On reflection, however, I feel that the games fell into two clear sections. When playing the league games there was tremendous enthusiasm and team spirit, everyone was intent on winning and gave everything to the game. This was typified by the batting of Chris Goodrham and the steady accurate bowling of Tim Isaac, Dave Thornley and Clive Kellett.

The rest of the season was, I suppose, an anti-climax, none of the fire was consistently present and there was far too much criticism of the conditions and other team members' performances. The captains and vice-captains job was not made easier by destructive criticism from senior club members who should really know better. It must be obvious to everyone that some people react far better to a bit of quiet advice than to derisive comments on their ability.

Highlights of the season must have been the victories over Denham, Amersham Hill and Princes Risborough. The first two based on the excellent batting of C.G. and the latter on the swing bowling of Dave Thornley. The spirited reply against North West Poly when chasing 240 runs also deserves mention, this was also based on C.G.’s batting with his 96, run out?? when a second century seemed well on the cards.

Mentioned in dispatches should also be awarded to Geoff Herbert for the best 'con' of the season when £2 was obtained on a memorable occasion for a jug for the boys and a drink for the valiant band of lady supporters. C.G. has not been the same since.

In conclusion I would like to extend the team’s thanks to Ted Goodrham, Nicky Burnett and the great band of tea ladies for all the help during the season. I personally, wish next year’s captain every success.

Gordon Adams
Saturday First XI Captain


The 1975 season will be remembered for the fine hot summer we had and because of this the very commendable batting performances during the season.

This is the first year, as far as I can remember, when three players scored a ton and two other scores in the nineties were recorded.

It is also sometime since a batsman scored a 1000 runs in the Club and I congratulate Chris Goodrham on his fine batting displays throughout.

Because of the dry summer our bowlers have not been able to bag as many wickets as in the past and on paper their averages may not look too good, but as captain I would like to congratulate them on block for the way they sweated it out with no help from the wicket in containing the oppositions score so the batsman had a chance to top it.

My next thanks must go to the umpire Cliff Kellett and out scorer Nicky Burnett. Cliff has done an excellent job of umpiring this season and has been consistently fair and unbiased in all the matches. Nicky, as you all know, has been first XI scorer for the past two years and without a doubt is the best scorer Taplow have ever had. When you get opposition captains commenting on how neat and informative our book is compared with their own you realise what a gem we have in Nicky.

As cricket chairman this season I, and the cricket selection committee, tried to set a policy where every playing member had equal opportunities to improve and enjoy his cricket and apart from one or two early bloomers in the season I hope the playing members feel that they were fairly treated.

The fact that bothfirstand second teams won the Chiltern League and finished runners up in the Evening League, proves that we have the right team spirit within the Club and providing we are all prepared to put something back into the Club we should go from strength to strength.

There is one other important part of the cricket section of this Club and that is the very well organised and successful colts section. In the last two seasons we have benefited as a Club from the colts and have drafted them into the weekend teams and, without them we would have been unable to pick a full team sheet every week. I would like to thank David Hawes and Colin Abbott personally for organising and running this section.

Doug Hatch
Sunday First XI Captain