1969 was a successful season and an enjoyable one largely because of the favourable weather and hard wickets which meant that many more runs were scored than in 1968.

Nine games were won, eight of them very convincingly by at least 50 runs or 6 wickets. On the three occasions that we were beaten we went down equally spectacularly - to Farnham Common when we performed badly, to Egham who thrashed us when we were very short of players in mid-August and Alleyn Old Boys who outclassed us.

Some indication of the high scoring can be gauged from the fact that in ten of the nineteen games completed scores of more than 130 were achieved - and in three of the others we won batting second without needing to make many runs - so batting failures were rare.

For the second season Gerry Bowyer made a big advance with the bat and is to be congratulated on becoming probably the first ever second XI batsman to score 500 runs in a season. Others who batted well were Bert Newton, Bill Haley and Alban Jones who was a consistent and quick scoring number three.

Inevitably if we scored runs on the hard wickets, so too did our opponents and consequently most bowling averages tended to be higher than usual. Nevertheless, on a number of occasions, particularly early in the season, our attack looked quite hostile and John Byfield was usually both economical and effective. His non-availability later in the season when we lacked a quick bowler, was the more regrettable. Otherwise most of us trundled away at medium pace and hoped for batsmen to make mistakes.

Fielding was usually keen and competent and it is a pleasure to report that once again the team appeared to enjoy its cricket - I can't remember a single unpleasant moment in the season unless it be the occasion when Laurie Taylor was late arriving with the bar key!

As usual my thanks to those who prepared our teas, to Paul Spickenhall who scored and to all who assisted with the umpiring.

Dick Duggan
Saturday Second XI Captain


Another season is laid to rest - for those who have some personal bests and would like to savour the moments, again we can give you the necessary figures in this minute breakdown of the 1969 cricket season.

Games played 21, with 7 wins, 7 lost, 6 draws and 4 games rained off - cancelled, which broadly speaking is nice and even for both ourselves and the opposition (keeps all fixture secretaries happy)... C. Miller checked out with an 82 (he's doing the second hole next season).

Bert Newton followed this with 71 and this member’s consistent desire to thrash hell out of the leather will be missed next year. David Goodrham gave us 56 and 58. Tony Perryman had his day against B.T.R. scoring 50 not out, took three catches and not to be outdone he bowled 4 overs taking 1 for 2 runs. Gerry Bowyer contributed 43 and Peter Trunkfield 42 in an opening partnership against Sunbury.

In the field we enjoyed the battle of the bat against ball and our bowlers (with help of the fielders) gave the following “bests":

The second XI were without an umpire this season which didn't assist the skipper - but Paul Spickenhall once again did a good job "scoring" each week. Our sincere thanks to the hardworking tea ladies, it is hoped we can make the facilities in the "catering corner" more convivial next season.

In conclusion I hasten to add that the results we ardently desire both in the kitchen and on the field can only be achieved by an "availability" strong enough to fulfill this wish.

Ted Goodrham
Sunday Second XI Captain