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(Update: 10-April-2016) One day I'll rewrite this so it'll work without Java and also with the latest generation of web browsers. Security is nailed down so much these days that old NPAPI based plugins are prevented from running.
You need Java 7 to view Player Profile data because the Java Security Level must be no higher than Medium.
Latest versions of Java will also warn you against running unsigned applications.
Assuming you are using Microsoft Windows, please configure Java (via Control Panel) and add "" to the Security Exception Site List.
If it still does not work then make sure you activate Java in the browser and enable NPAPI plugins.
If using Internet Explorer 10+ then add "" to the Compatibility View websites list (found under the Tools menu).
There's certainly little hope that this will function correctly if using Microsoft Edge. Best of luck to you. I can tell you that I got this working today using Internet Explorer 11 having made the setting changes described above.

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I'm adding to the list all the time so if you're not on it, send me an email (TapCC Profileswebsiteadminwebsiteadmin) and I'll happily find your details - help me out by providing a guess of range of seasons that you played to point me in the right direction. How am I doing it? All thanks to the huge pile of averages reports (every season since 1955) that David Wigmore has given me!