Autumn Newsletter 1963

Distributed from time to time to the Members and Friends of Taplow Cricket Club

This is the first issue of what is hoped will become a fairly regular Newsletter intended to keep all Taplow C.C. Members informed about their Club - its welfare, achievements, plans for the future, social activities, facilities and problems. It is hoped that this will become a link between all friends and supporters of the Club, keeping them in touch particularly through the winter months when the opportunities for meeting for the exchange of views and news are not so frequent.

Your Committee hopes you will welcome the idea and find it useful.


What a great piece of news to be able to include in this very first issue of the Newsletter. Yes, Taplow were the winners of the Julian Cup Competition for the very first time this year with a fine win over Littlewick Green. And what an exciting and hard fought game it was! Taplow batted first and made 87 - a good total against the tight bowling of Littlewick but not enough to make a win a certainty by any means. However, Taplow bowlers proved they could bowl just as tightly, and in this way and by good fielding and accepting every chance offered to them Taplow dismissed their opponents for only 58 and received the coveted Julian Cup from T.V. personality Macdonald Hobley.

It would be invidious to mention individual names - this was a great team effort and everybody played their part superbly. Congratulations to everyone of the team -

Thanks are due to our Scorer, Sandra Thoms as well - the scorers play an important part in Julian Cup cricket!

(Rumour has it that the team got down to some real celebrating after the game. Some people even say one particular house on the Lower Cookham Road emitted hilarious noises until well into the early hours of the next day. It is true, at any rate, that some heads were still being held during the Committee Meeting the next evening!)


This was held on Sunday 11th August, and was generally voted a successful and enjoyable day. Altogether the Club was better off by £20 as a result. White Waltham 'A' team won against Rainbow Sports Club in the final, while a Taplow team entered by Harold Collins reached the semi-finals and were only just beaten by Rainbow. Twelve teams were entered altogether - an improvement on last year. Two Ground Collections raised 35/- a Raffle brought in nearly £7. Refreshments cleared £5 and entry fees amounted to £5 but this needs to be a major fund raising event in the Club's calendar. How can we make it more financially successful? Get the crowds to come in by talking about it. Increase the number of teams to a maximum of 16 and ask them to bring their supporters. Bake a cake so the refreshments can be even more profitable. Inject the odd personality or two to attract the crowds. This is the way. A lot of people pitched in to help make the day go with a swing and many thanks to all especially to all the ladies who did us so proud on food and refreshments. Here's to an even better competition in 1964 - and the date next year will be 12th July.


November 3rd is near enough to Guy Fawkes Night, and it is proposed to repeat last year's successful Car Rally followed by tea and buns and a bonfire and fireworks. Help wanted to build the bonfire in the morning. Enter Car Rally in the afternoon, starting at 2.00pm - if you haven't got a car thumb a lift with a fellow member. Bring the children to watch the fireworks... AND PLEASE BRING A FIREWORK OR TWO... OR THREE.

P.S. Wives, Mums, Girlfriends... if you happen to see this Newsletter we would be grateful for a contribution towards the food for this occasion. If you could bake a cake, subscribe a sausage roll or cut some sandwiches perhaps you would get word to Mrs. Haley, 11 Clare Road, Taplow who has kindly offered to organise the refreshment bar - and who would appreciate help on the day from one or two ladies. Any volunteers?


The date - Friday, 8th November. Make a note of it for this will be a strictly all-male, rather raucous celebration of the Julian Cup win. Also the opportunity to say "thank you" to our Groundsman for all the good wickets he provided during the last season (did you know Members are subscribing to Groundsman's Fund for this? Have a word with David Hawes and make your contribution - his telephone number is Burnham 2252). No predictions as to what will happen on this evening except you will have a good plate of sausage and mash. The time is 8.00pm for 8.30pm tickets are 5/- each and please tell Bob Evans SOON that you want a place at the table. (Bob Evans can be reached at 1, Milner Road, Burnham}


Your Committee has decided to arrange for the bar to be opened in the pavilion each Sunday evening during the winter. Heaters are installed, so is electricity, so why not make it a cosy centre for beer drinking and conversation. We hope to have a table tennis table, and there will be a dart board. So, remember, - "drink your Sunday evening pint in the pavilion". Bring your friends and relations with you - they are welcome!


Please make a very special note in your diary. The date of the Annual General Meeting this year is Friday, 29th November, and it will be held in the pavilion. This is perhaps the most important date on the Club's calendar, and this year's meeting may well be one of the most important for a long time. So make a note, and do your level best to come along.


There are still outstanding subscriptions! Please let Mr. Martin have them immediately (his address is, 2, Taplow Cottages, Taplow, Bucks.) The Committee knows who haven't yet paid but does not want to be forced into a position of publishing names. But it is very unfair to the Club and the treasurer to go through a whole season without paying your subscription. Probably slipped the memory... please do something about it if you happen to be one who has forgotten.

Subscriptions and finance generally are all-important to any Club, and Taplow C.C. is no exception. You can't keep going without it costing something, and the greater the amenities that are provided the more the overall cost. Your Club has had a great many improvements added in the last two or three of the most attractive grounds in the Maidenhead District and many have been the congratulations and thanks for the good wickets he has provided. Yes, progress is the order of he day in everything but finance. Mr Martin estimates there will be a struggle to even balance the budget this year, let alone pay anything off the Pavilion Fund which still has a matter of £500 still owing. Your Committee is, and must be very concerned over this situation. Fund raising ideas are wanted, and volunteers among members are wanted to organise and run them. We can use the pavilion this winter now that heating and electric light have been installed so, if you are ready and willing to pitch in by organising something either during the winter or next summer, please tell a committee member so that something can be done about it. And please continue to support these events as you have done so well in the past. That's the way village cricket clubs survive and develop, and Taplow C.C. - your Club has already done so for a modest 113 years!


3rd NovemberCar Rally and Fireworks.
Begins 2.00pm
9th NovemberStag Supper in the Pavilion.
8.00pm for 8.30pm.
Tickets 5/- each from Bob Evans. 1, Milner Road, Burnham.
8.00pm in the Pavilion.
Details to be announced.